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How To Build A Relaxing Screen Porch With Custom Features

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 Atlanta screened porchesBuilding a screened-in porch is very often about having a nice place to relax. Some people build a screen porch for extra living space, but others to connect with nature in a comfortable way.

When you plan to build a screen porch for relaxing, think about some of those indoor creature comforts you already enjoy. There are some good ideas to consider that will add to the soothing feel of the space. Your new screen porch can be a great place to read a book, listen to some music, and spend a little time alone or with a friend.

Lounging In Comfort On The Screened In Porch

A nice sofa-style outdoor lounge can be built into the screen porch design. This is a much better option for relaxing than the standard outdoor furniture. You just can’t get comfortable sitting on some hard wooden or metal chair. Consider building a custom outdoor daybed that’s big enough for one or two people. This would be a great place to take a snooze or enjoy a good book.

Wet Bars For Cold Drinks

If space allows for it, a wet bar with storage for cold drinks is a great idea. This is really nice for those lazy summer afternoons spent alone or with friends. Even just a narrow built-in bar would be nice to set drinks on, but having those cold drinks handy is even better.

Enclosed Cabinets For Storage

Cabinets can add storage and style to your new screen porch. This will be the perfect place to store yard games and other outdoor equipment. If push comes to shove with a space issue, a storage bench may be just what you need. The top of the bench can be used for sitting and lounging too. A tall storage cabinet can add privacy to a section of the porch.

Pet Doors & Avoiding Screen Damage

If you have a furry friend, you probably know that they can really damage a porch screen. The doorway can be customized to include a pet door so your animals can easily access the yard. Pets tend to scratch out screens when they need to go outside, so solve the problem with a pet door. You may also want to build solid walls all around the bottom rather than using screen all the way to the floor. Contact us at McCullough Brothers Contracting today!

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