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Custom Home Builds

Custom Homes, Atlanta, GAMcCullough Brothers Contracting, LLC specializes in new home builds in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. While we do plenty of home renovations, our professional contractors also build new custom homes from ground up.

Our long history of expert home improvement and custom home building services began in the 1740’s when our family ancestors began to invest and develop land. After five generations of passing on our skills and knowledge, we’ve developed a lasting relationship with our community.

We’re proud of our company and will continue to stand for quality, honor, and workmanship pride so that our customers get the best new custom homes possible. We stand behind our professional services and work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Custom Home Builders

When you build a home from ground up, you get a custom home. Every detail of the home can be customized to fit your needs, whether it be adding extra storage or shelving or creating a completely unique design with woodwork, your choices are unlimited.

Not all home builders build custom homes. Many developers will come into an area and do little to market their home as a custom home. They build houses in a neighborhood that all typically look the same with the same floor plans, same spaces, and virtually the same standard fixtures and surface textures.

With a custom home, you can change out anything you don’t want, such as installing very functional cedar wood in your closet areas, or adding an intricate crown molding around your formal dining room, or installing LED lighting instead of standard lighting. How about adding in a movie room or family entertainment system while your home is being built?

Whatever your dreams are for your new home, we can make them happen and the only limits you have are up to you and your budget. You’ll want a professional company that won’t have any bad excuses as to why they can’t give you what you’re looking for.

Our expert Custom Home Builders at McCullough Brothers Contracting will deliver for you. From start to finish, we’ll sit down and help you throughout the process so you get what you are looking for.

Modern Lighting for Custom Home Builds

Do you have particular lighting needs that won’t be taken care of in a standard home build scenario? You will have many choices for your custom lighting when working with McCullough Brother Contracting.

We deliver unique and custom options for you including new dynamic design tech lighting, LED track lighting, LED spot lighting, low voltage lighting, daylighting (letting in daylight), HID technology lighting, security lighting, and more. Of course, you always have the standard lighting such as pendants and recessed lighting that you can use to create mood or great design elements.

If you are interested in New Builds or Custom Home Building, please call 678-858-2120 or complete our online request form.

Atlanta, GA Custom Building Contractor

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