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When it comes to finding the right contractor for your remodeling job in Atlanta you might think this is a difficult task, but the choices are actually quite simple when you take the experienced staff at McCullough Brothers Contracting into consideration. With years of service experience, our professional team of specialists can meet the demands of any remodeling contractor job; all while keeping our rates well within your budget. You can get superior service backed by high-standards; we will not be happy with any job unless it meets our personal seal of approval.

With a legacy of standards that has gone on for more than 250 years, we are one of the oldest remodeling traditions around. We take great pride in our company’s rich history and will not rest until every job is done to the absolute highest standards. Each and every one of our professional contractors shares our commitment to providing the best quality end results and highest caliber of workmanship to each and every homeowner that requires our remodeling service.

Custom Bathrooms for Newnan Homes

Conducting a bathroom remodel in Newnan is an exciting way to boost the value of your home, and create a luxurious place in your home that you can relax and enjoy. We cover all aspects ofcustom bathroom and can help transform yours into something that you can truly be proud of. Bathroom renovations have the added advantage of helping increase the value of your home and are an investment that you will always see a return on, sometimes as much as 75%!

Newnan Custom Kitchens

For the absolute best in custom kitchen services, you only need to look as far as the experts at McCullough Brothers Contracting. We can transform any kitchen, providing new lighting, countertops, tiles, and islands. Having your kitchen’s interior re-imagined is a step towards improving your home that any home owner should consider, even if your current kitchen is only a few years old! We’ll help you finally make your dream kitchen a reality.

Basement Finishing in Newnan, GA

If you are unsure what to do with your basement, perhaps you should look into conducting a basement finishing and renovation? Basement finishing is one of the many services that our Newnan remodeling contractors can easily provide, and we have the experience necessary to advise you in what steps might be best to add a new study, workshop, or entertainment room to your basement. With the help of McCullough Brothers Contracting you can have your basement completely transformed, greatly boosting the functional space of your home.

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Atlanta, GA Custom Building Contractor

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