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How to Expand Your Home Outside for the Warmer Months

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Atlanta AdditionsWhen the warmer months roll in, you might find yourself unable to keep yourself inside away from the beautiful temps and skies. But being outside doesn’t have to mean sitting in the grass and being separated from the much-loved comforts of your home.

After all, you can always get some custom-built home outdoor extensions for your Atlanta home. These extensions will allow you to bask in the beautiful warmer weather without venturing away from the comforts of home. Here are three suggestions to consider as you knock around the idea of extending your home outside.


Whether you’re looking to invite some friends over for a barbecue or just relax after a long day with your favorite drink in hand, you’ll find that a deck is the perfect place to do it. On top of the great usable space it provides, a deck can also increase your property value and curb appeal, paying off when it comes time to sell your home.


Maybe you like looking at the nice weather but you’re not particularly fond of feeling it. And if that’s the case, you can easily satisfy your need to look but not feel Mother Nature by getting a sunroom. Enclosed and comfortable while still offering a beautiful view of the outside, a sunroom will let you enjoy the warmer months in the way that’s most comfortable to you.

Screened-In Porch

You may love the beauty and warmth that summer can provide, but the bugs? Maybe not so much. Luckily, if you prefer to enjoy the warmer months with a glass of lemonade on your front porch, you can continue to enjoy that small pleasure with none of the creepy crawlies thanks to a screened-in porch.

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