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Custom Cabinets For Flexible Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Atlanta Custom CabinetsCustom kitchen cabinets are a must for any kitchen remodeling project in Atlanta. Many homeowners choose standard cabinetry for various reasons. Some don’t know where to get custom cabinets. Some don’t even know about them. And some are concerned about the remodeling budget.

The cabinetry in a kitchen or bathroom is highly functional. It is where you need easy access to dishes, food, small appliances, and other items regularly. On smaller budgets, it only makes sense to customize in this area and choose more economical materials in other areas of the design.

When designing a remodeling project, custom cabinetry can fit into your design plan. It all depends on how you plan your budget.

For instance, you can find many beautiful light fixtures at garage sales and thrift shops instead of purchasing all new lighting. Or, you can highlight one area with a glass tile backsplash instead of replacing all the backsplashes to leave more room in the budget for custom cabinetry.

For more information on budget friendly kitchen designs and custom cabinetry, call the custom homes experts in Atlanta at McCullough Brothers Contracting.

Custom Cabinets Create Flexible Remodeling Designs

Some homeowners design their remodeling project around standard cabinetry sizes.

The problem with this method of Atlanta home remodeling is that they have to stick to a standard floor plan instead of getting what they really want or need. Instead of designing the space around the standard cabinet sizes, they can easily have custom cabinets built to fit the floor plan that really works best.

Custom cabinets are built to fit the space intended. If there is an extra nook or cranny left, they can be fitted with functional and beautiful cabinets or shelving that matches. With this flexibility, the design of the kitchen is much more flexible for remodeling.

Smart Storage With Custom Cabinets

It couldn’t be easier to work in a kitchen with customize cabinet storage. Everything is designed around where you will be performing each type of task.

You’ll want to think about where you will be prepping vegetables and what type of storage you need in the area. For instance, do you need drawers in this area instead of cabinets? Do you need drawer dividers?

At the stove, do you need a pullout hanging rack for pots and pans? Do you need a built-in cabinet rack for pot and pan lids?

All-in-all, the idea with custom cabinetry is that they not only add beauty to the kitchen remodeling design, they add a huge amount of flexibility.

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