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10 Steps for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects there is. It’s also one of the most complicated. With so many different fixtures and appliances to choose and purchase, and so many different materials for use, kitchen remodeling jobs are never an easy task.

However, with careful planning, you can have your kitchen remodel running smoothly. You can also save some money. At McCullough Brothers Contracting, our Atlanta remodeling professionals will work hard to help you create a custom kitchen that’s perfect for your family and your budget. Here are some tips for saving money by planning carefully:

1. Know Your Space

Investigate your kitchen and study every aspect of it. Figure out why things do and don’t work and what specifically you’d like to make different. Think about how the space could be used more efficiently. And check the size of your doors—don’t wind up coming home with a refrigerator you can’t get into your kitchen.

2. Inspect the kitchen

You may need to hire a professional for this. Make sure you check for mold, mildew, and leaks. Also make sure everything in your Atlanta home’s kitchen is in working order, from lights to electrical outlets. Look to see that your electrical wiring is safe and up to code. Do the same with your plumbing.

3. Prioritize

Make a list of the things that need to be repaired in your kitchen and prioritize it. Figure out what absolutely needs to be done and what you’d simply like to have done. This step can help you with budgeting, and showing it to your designer or contractor will help them anticipate the costs, and lower your ultimate payments.

4. Get a reliable estimate

Most contractors will offer you a free estimate before any work is even agreed on. Use licensed, professional contractors to ensure their reliability. And compare the estimate your given with an online remodeling cost calculator.

5. Budget

Use the estimates you’ve got to as a basis to prepare your final budget. Shop around for the products you plan on installing and try to use realistic prices for everything. And remember, your budget isn’t done until you’ve added in labor and project management costs.

6. Interview.

Find an interview several contractors in throughout Atlanta. A group of five contractors should be a large enough sample. Get a breakdown of the cost of materials and labor. You can add these costs to your initial budget.

7. Design.

You can do this alone, or with the help of a professional, but designing your new kitchen is the most important step in the process. Remember how this design affects your budget as you go. And try to use your space as efficiently as possible.

8. Finalize.

Make all the final decisions on products and materials. You should be able to simply adjust your budget from your previous estimates.

9. Make a strong contract.

Make sure the contract you have with the general contractor you choose for the job is strong. Choose your contractor based on your interactions as well as what other Atlanta homeowners have said about their work.

10. Plan for the unexpected.

You won’t be able to foresee for everything, so make sure you have plenty of Plan B’s and Backup Plans. Remember: a good plan is flexible.

If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling services in Atlanta, call McCullough Brothers Contracting at 678-858-2120, or complete our online request form.

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