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lake-city-basement-finishingAt McCullough Brother Contracting, LLC, we value our customers immensely, which is why we strive so hard in our workmanship and first rate customer service when working for you on remodeling projects here in the Lake City area.

Remodeling your Lake City home is a great idea because it can make the home you already love into the home of your dreams, but only when you have a professional remodeling contractor who is experienced and reputable for great workmanship. Every remodeling project can include customization. It’s actually the perfect time to get exactly what you want.

If you have a bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any other remodeling to do, you can count on our team to be there for you with affordable, custom service tailored to suit your remodeling needs. We have some great ideas up our sleeves because we’ve been around a very long time. Since the 1740’s, our company has been building and remodeling homes in America and we are proud of the legacy we leave.

If you expect custom quality and care, complete satisfaction, and stunning results that will make you proud, call the company others in Lake County already trust – McCullough Brothers Contracting, LLC

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Lake City Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

When you plan to remodel your Lake City bathroom, you’ll be deciding on main features such as replacement of the tub or shower. Since these two fixtures often occupy a large part of the room, your choices in replacement should not go against the look and style of your design plan in any way.

A major decision you’ll be making for your Lake City bathroom remodeling project is the flooring type and wall colors or textures. This is a great place to bring in a new look. Consider some great natural stone or tile. Stone or tile floors are waterproof and beautiful, perfect for the bathroom.

McCullough Brothers Contracting, LLC experts can assist you in choosing the plumbing fixtures that will compliment your bathroom and will ensure that you get the perfect ones which fit your needs and wants.

Kitchen Remodeling For Lake City

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, first consult your Bonanza remodeling contractors at McCullough Brothers Contracting. We will assess the layout, appliance locations, work space, storage, and more and work with you closely to design the right kitchen remodeling results. The electric and plumbing could need rearranging or adding onto, especially in older homes.

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Lake City, GA

If you are looking for a custom home builder in Lake City, please call McCullough Brothers Contracting at 678-858-2120 or complete our online request form.

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